Monday, March 7, 2011

Closet Case

This closet makeover was a really quick and easy project I did for a client.  Pretty much just a basic closet clean out.  No items were purchased to re-organize the space; we were able to utilize products already in her home.  Here is what we began with:

The main problem in this closet?  No designated homes!  Without specific places for things, the easiest way to put something away is to just throw it in.  That leads to the inevitable pile-up you see above.  

So, we took everything out of the closet and sorted it, (donations, craft supplies, books, clothes, etc.), pared down, and decided how to best use this storage space.  My client really wanted this closet to house extra craft supplies and sentimental personal items.  

After we put everything in its place, and made better use of the storage containers already in the space, this is what we ended up with. *Smile*

We also labeled all of the boxes and containers so that she would know what was inside without having to open each and every one.  She can easily get to what she needs and take stock of what she has.  Yay!!

Lets compare!

Quick, easy, but incredibly effective!

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  1. I love how you organize and tidy up without having to purchase anything! Nice job Moran ;)