Monday, March 14, 2011

Desk Emergency!

Okay, so this project was a BIG one.  It was 2 days of work, work, work to transform this desk into a more usable and efficient space.  Here is what we began with:


Needless to say, there was not much work getting done at this desk. Which, for my clients, was extremely stressful.  They own a small business and do all of their paperwork management for the business from this very desk.  All of their household paperwork, (bills, medical files, etc.), was also stored here.  

Because the desk was so cluttered and nothing had a designated place, the pile-up began.  Important papers were misplaced and could not be located when needed.  Bills did not get paid in time because they were stashed away somewhere and quickly forgotten.  Appointments were not kept because there was no effective calendar in place.  All around, not so good.

My clients and I began with the file cabinet.  We started here because it was completely packed and we needed to free up space for all of the important paperwork currently residing on the desk.  Once we got the file cabinet under control, (purging, new files, and proper labels), we were able to tackle the paper mess on the desk.  We also set up separate files for home and business paperwork.

We then sorted through the remainder of the desk contents, making (large) piles for the recycle and garbage.  Once we knew what we were keeping, we gave the desk a thorough cleaning and put the items back in their new homes.  Here is the finished product:


Now, everything has a designated home.  There are lots of labels, which eliminates the frustration of forgetting where things go.  This is a big time saver and ensures maintenance of the new systems.  Also, we purchased NOTHING for this space! Every single organizational item was already being used at the desk; just not in the most effective way.  When the project was complete, my clients were left with an efficient and and organized space that made doing work painless.  

How about a couple of side-by-sides?  Here you go!



Now, who wouldn't want to sit down and get right to work in this space?  I know I would!

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